A service blueprint developed for a e-commerce fulfilment company

A service blueprint developed for a e-commerce fulfilment company


I am Eugenia and based in London.

I had been working with an extensive range of international brands on consumer insights / strategies planning projects in communications for the past decade which included : Banking ( HSBC, American Express), hospitality ( Shangri-la hotels), FMCG ( Unilever, Johnson & Johnson), luxury products ( LVMH group, Richemont group, Chanel) and skincare ( Estee Lauder) etc. I've decided to widen my profound research/ strategic planning skills to design thinking via service design in the Royal College of Art, where we can redefined the value of design with a trans-disciplinary approach, its rigour and its strategic impact. 

My service design projects gave me the opportunities to examine complex systematic issues facing business and government and created new services that transform customer and citizen experience. I partnered with various organisations the Transport for London ( TFL), the Cabinet office ( Policy lab), Sainsburys, the Blithehale health centre to NGOs like Traid. Improving the user experiences is the key therefore human centred design became the core element in my design approach, which I often strategised into my design objectives after an empathetic design research approach. 

A good service design(er) should be like water, " the best virtue is like water - which benefits all things but does not contend with them."