How can we improve the service of a health centre in East London?


In average, we made 500 visits to the local health centres in our lifetime. How can we improve the experience of these 500 times ?



  • The health centre is handling 10,000 residents of the area, with 5GPs and they are seeing on average 40 patients everyday, for each patient the appointment is only 12 minutes
  • Patients complained about appointment making process was difficult. They need to keep calling first thing in the morning
  • Receptionist need to repeat the same information everyday over the phone. Work is also stressful as they need to decide what kind of appointment is required for the patient
  • Patients feel dismissive as doctors are too busy, they don't have time to connect with them
  • There is a lack of trust

Design objective

How can we build trust back into the system ?



1. INFORMATION - a health guide was created and give out to local residents to inform them with services that the health centre actually offers.


2. UNDERSTANDING - knowing that alot of patients have language barriers, esp the older Bengali generation. A simple prep list was made so family of patients could help fill in the form before the actual appointment take place.


3. TRANSPARENCY - booking process was also clearly listed out for local residents so receptionist don't have to repeat the same information over the phone every morning, which improve the efficiency of their work and also give them more actual "facetime" to greet patients at the health centre.


4. CONNECTIONS - GPs actually want their patients to know more about them too! As a person, as a local - not just their GPS. We therefore created these doctor's profile and put them in the waiting room so patients can get to know their GPs better before the appointment.


IT DOESN'T STOP THERE - The above only demonstrates the improvements for the first phrase. We believe that improvement should be a continuous process in order for the service level to ASCENT in every phrase.