What can we do with the air pollution in London ?


Air pollution in London causes 9500+ premature deaths in London per year due to the high level of NO2 in the air. Diesel vehicles are the main cause


WHO :13% of vehicles in London are vans and most of them are diesel

WHY : Its easy entry and the job market is growing due to the gig economy

HOW COME : E-commerce contributes a big part into this with now 28% of UK sales are online


Peloton = A sustainable delivery service startup that helps reduce demand for vans in London, thus cutting NO2 emissions from van.


Zoom in - solution of PELOTON

characteristics of peloton :

Humanised : Deliver to people with flexibility

Collaborative : Peloton means a group of cyclist that takes care of each other. Telematics is used for peer-sourced route planning

Sustainable : Electric cargo bikes are used for the last mile of delivery

Service Journey of Peloton